Watch: 13-Year-Old Girl with Down Syndrome Nails Cover Song

Madison Tevlin cover/All of Me/YouTube
Madison Tevlin cover/All of Me/YouTube
Los Angeles, CA

A 13-year-old Toronto girl with Down Syndrome has decided to show the world her voice, and it is most certainly a beautiful one.

Madison Tevlin, who is a huge fan of performer John Legend, refuses to let the disorder hold her back from showing the world her skills. She recently decided to cover her favorite Legend song, titled “All Of Me.”

The young girl took vocal lessons and memorized the song in its entirety, and with a little help from a pianist, nails it!

She uploaded this video to YouTube:

According to a recent study from Down Syndrome Education International, the disorder makes it statistically harder for her to sing, and “very few people” with Down’s are ever capable of singing.

The chief finding is that the energy level needed to activate the vocal mechanism from its at rest level to its voicing level is almost twice as great for the group with Down syndrome as for the control group.

Simply put, Madison has to work twice as hard to hit those notes.

John Legend took notice of the performance on Twitter, which made had Madison ecstatic. She tweeted: