Despite Protests from John Hughes and John Candy Families, ABC to Remake ‘Uncle Buck’ with All Black Cast

Los Angeles, CA

Family members of both John Candy and John Hughes have lodged complaints against ABC, after the network announced it would be rebooting the 1989 comedy Uncle Buck into a sitcom.

The network announced plans for a TV adaptation of the film late last year, and like the film, the sitcom will reportedly be based on a childish man who learns how to be an adult by taking care of his brother’s children.

Family members for Hughes and Candy have objected to the idea of the remake, and noted that Hughes, who directed the original, was opposed to a previous sitcom remake by CBS, and would likely be against any new remakes of the story.

In a statement released to Deadline on behalf of family members, those representing each man’s estate spoke of the discontentment with hearing about the project through the media:

Disappointment has been expressed by both the John Hughes and John Candy families over the conduct and decision by the ABC Network and Universal Television to develop a comedy series based on the feature film Uncle Buck. Rather than either entity providing advance information to the Estates, the families learned of the project’s potential via the media.

The families feel a strong attachment to the original film which symbolized the great and unique collaboration between Hughes and Candy. Recalling that the director was displeased with first Uncle Buck TV show effort which failed on CBS in 1990, it is well expected that he would not be supportive of this current attempt.

ABC’s Uncle Buck will also be undergoing some cultural changes, It has been reported the network’s reboot is seeking an all-black cast.

News of Uncle Buck Russell’s cultural changes was first released by Showbiz 411, who noted that casting notices were going out for an African American Buck, who is described as “a wild and free-wheeling force of nature who has managed to lose every job and every girlfriend he’s ever had, but who still flies through life by the seat of his pants, never knowing what tomorrow will bring.”

Watch the trailer for the original Uncle Buck, starring John Candy, below: