Disney Under Fire for Allegedly ‘Digitally Altering’ Lily James’ Waist in Cinderella Film

Los Angeles

Walt Disney Pictures is denying allegations the studio digitally altered actress Lily James’ waist, in order to make her look slimmer for the new film, Cinderella.

Not long after the film’s latest trailer was released last month, some users took to social media to share their comments about the waist size of James, with many suggesting Photoshop had been used to slim down the actress, according to the Daily Mail.


” I have a problem with the fact that Cinderella is photoshopped to have the tiniest waist I’ve ever seen,” @vixennicks said on Twitter.

Disney has responded, with a source telling Buzzfeed: “Lily’s waist hasn’t been altered (in the film or in any stills/marketing materials) – she’s wearing a corset.”

A representative for the actress also told Buzzfeed that James was wearing a corset, which failed to quiet critics.
“This isn’t a normal human sized waist, right?” actress Sarah Ann Masse tweeted.

Alison Rey also took to Twitter about the controversy, writing, “Her waist should not be this small. Photoshop or not.”

Cinderella made its U.S. Box office debut on Friday, Feb. 13.