Did ‘SNL 40’ Snub Christian Conservative Former Cast Member?

AP/Chris O'meara
AP/Chris O'meara
New York, NY

While NBC’s Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special featured cast members and guests from all eras of the show’s four-decade run, one SNL alum was notably absent from all the laughter — Christian conservative and Obama opponent Victoria Jackson.

Jackson, who spent six years on the comedy variety show (1986-1992,) is now wondering if her public support of conservative causes may have blacklisted her in the eyes of producer Lorne Michaels

“I was the only castmember put in the overflow room,” Jackson told radio host Rusty Humphries, according to the Hollywood Reporter. After admitting she informed NBC of the possibility she might be late, she told the host she arrived around the same as Al Sharpton and actor Alan Cumming, who is openly gay.

“He didn’t know whether to be nice to me or not,” Jackson said of Cumming. “I think the gay community is really mad at me for saying Glee shouldn’t have homosexual themes in primetime for children.”

On the subject of her place in the overflow room, she continued: “The only thing I can think of is the gay thing, because it’s such a strong movement. Maybe Lorne was like, ‘Where do we sit Victoria?’”

Jackson was once an integral part of the show:

On Jackson’s personal website, she publicly weighed the options of a possible snubbing, and appeared to give Michaels the benefit of the doubt:

I got a formal embossed invitation from Lorne Michaels, so he is either 1) a closet conservative, 2) a “tolerant” liberal, 3) An “Independent,” as he is registered – (He donated to Obama and McCain in 2008! Link here.), or 4) An ex-boss who doesn’t care what his former cast members believe in personally, as long as they showed up on time, hit their mark, and were funny.

A person close to the show told THR there was no political bias involved in the seating chart process and that Jackson was actually offered a seat inside the main studio, but her seat was moved to a “nearby viewing space” after she informed the network of the possibility of tardiness.

Jackson is a conservative Tea Party activist who has been openly critical of both President Obama and his policies. In 2013, also on her personal website, she considered whether the President may in fact identify himself as a Muslim:

Just a note: You cannot be a Christian and a Muslim. Islam is a satanic cult that denies the very essence of Christianity, “the gospel.” Islam claims that Jesus is not God and that He did not die for our sins and that He was not resurrected. Christianity claims that Jesus is God and that He died for our sins, and that He is risen. (I Corinthians 15:1-4)

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