NFL’s First Gay Player Suits Up For ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Los Angeles, CA

Michael Sam, the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL, will be joining the cast of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars in March, reports TMZ.

Sam, who reportedly has plans to make a second run at football glory, and once said he was cut from the league because he was gay, has been chosen to take part in the series’20th season.

It remains to be seen if his plans to compete in a planned veteran’s combine will create a scheduling conflict.

Dancing with the Stars has seen several other NFL players find success.

Former players Hines Ward and Emmitt Smith both took first place in their seasons on the show, while Jerry Rice, Jason Taylor and Warren Sapp finished second, according to Yahoo Sports.

Sam was originally drafted by the St. Louis Rams last spring, before he was cut from the team’s final 53-player roster. He then joined the Dallas Cowboys as a member of the team’s practice squad.

It was announced in January that Sam had proposed to longtime boyfriend Vito Cammisano, while on vacation in Italy. The two men are engaged to be married.