Funny Men Judd Apatow and Norm McDonald Headline Gun Control Event

Charles Sykes/ Invision/AP
Charles Sykes/ Invision/AP

On February 25, comedian/director/screenwriter Judd Apatow will host “An Evening With Judd Apatow and Friends” for the benefit of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

He will be joined by former SNL funny man Norm McDonald.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Apatow said, “Responsible gun laws are essential” and referred to the Brady Center as “a great force for good on this issue.” He added: “It’s shocking that even after all the mass shootings that have happened that there isn’t more being done to make our country safer.”

Apatow claims that most Americans want gun control, the passage of which is being blocked by “the gun lobby” and the politicians they influence. He did not mention the crippling blows the American people handed to gun control candidates when given a say in the matter via the November 4 midterm elections.

Norm McDonald will be joining Apatow at the gun control event, which is being held at Largo in Los Angles.

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