‘SNL’ ISIS Skit Featuring Dakota Johnson Sparks Controversy

New York, NY

Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson hosted this week’s Saturday Night Live, and while the show did poke fun at some of the film’s raunchy subject matter, another skit featuring the actress is instead sparking all the controversy.

The show ran an obvious spoof of Toyota’s “My Bold Dad” commercial on Saturday, originally broadcast during Super Bowl XLIX, which showed an emotional father dropping his daughter off at the airport to join the United States military.

In the SNL version, the daughter, played by Johnson, is instead off to join the Islamic State, as her father, Taran Killam, makes a last-ditch effort to convince her to finish “another year of high school.”

“Looks like your ride is here. You be careful, okay?” the father says, as Islamic State militants clutching automatic weapons and an RPG enter the scene in a white Toyota truck.

“Dad, it’s just ISIS,” Johnson’s character says.

The emotional father then makes eye contact with one of the terrorists.

“Take care of her,” he says, only to be met with, “Death to America.”

Johnson’s character then leaves with the group, who fire their weapons into the air during some loud group ululation.

The commercial parody then ends with: “ISIS–we’ll take it from here, dad.”

Watch the SNL ISIS spot below:

Many Twitter users reacted negatively to the commercial parody, considering both the violent nature of ISIS, and recent news that actual teenage girls are running away from home to join the group: