Jon Stewart Uses Netanyahu Speech to Mock Jewish Women as Frigid


After Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress Tuesday, Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham was right to apologize for a comment he made about House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s “surgeries.” What’s surprising, though, is that this was not the most tasteless joke of that day. That joke came later in the evening courtesy of The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart, who closed his 9 minute attack on Netanyahu with a joke that was not only sexist but furthered a nasty Jewish stereotype:

STEWART: Netanyahu wrapped his speech up, and it was time for another ten minutes of applause. Whether or not Netanyahu achieved his goal of sabotaging a deal with Iran or mistakenly opened up a rift with In U.S. – Israeli relations, one thing is certain: The In-Chamber response to this speech was by far the longest blow job a Jewish man has ever received.

Graham’s comment about Pelosi’s surgeries was tacky but not sexist. The same cannot be said for Stewart, who went even further in pushing a stereotype.

No doubt, while he made the joke, Stewart — who has made a career of thrilling Leftists by DESTROYINGSLAMMINGANNIHILATINGDECIMATING anyone who uses “rhetoric” or a “tone” against Obama he finds troubling — had his clown nose on.

So that makes it okay, because Jon Stewart’s rules are for little people.

Keep in mind that I’m not the one playing Speech Police here.

My point is hypocrisy…

Jon Stewart has attacked conservatives who use the word “tyranny” against Obama. In other words, while running around with a campaign of shame to protect The Most Powerful Man In The World’s feelings from offense, Jewish women are apparently fair game.

Protect Power but mock  those who OH WAIT HE HAD HIS CLOWN NOSE ON.

P.S. Just a few years ago, Stewart’s lifelong friend Anthony Weiner was criticized for making the same “joke” in a private text that went public. Both men are Jewish.

Nice guys.


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