A Very ‘Red Eye’ List of Potential Greg Gutfeld Replacements

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Fox News Network
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If Greg Gutfeld were a sequel, we’d enjoy him in the aisle of a crowded theater.

As Red Eye fans are well aware, Greg departed the show last Friday after eight years of success at the helm, but as stated at the conclusion of his tenure: the show must go on.

While Greg singularly transformed “houseboy” into a term of endearment and made unicorns popular for all ages, his legacy for blending important topics with a unique brand of humor will endure, and the search for a permanent replacement is currently underway.

While his successor will indeed have some big shoes to fill (likely not according to Greg, as he would poke fun at his own height), that doesn’t mean fans can’t speculate as to who’ll take over.

Red Eye is currently being headed by a series of familiar guest hosts, while sources at Fox have told Mediaite the race for a permanent host is still up for discussion.

Below is a list of possible and qualified candidates.

From Mediaite’s Andrew Kirell:

TV’s Andy Levy

Sherrod Small

Jedediah Bila

Tom Shillue

John Phillips

Joanne Nosuchinsky

Lauren Sivan

Jim Norton

Greg Gutfeld will continue to co-host FNC’s The Five and is currently developing a one-hour weekend primetime show with the network.

Watch Greg’s Red Eye farewell: