Kate Middleton’s Friend Brings Sex Party to NYC Elite

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On Saturday, Emma Sayle and her team at Killing Kittens will bring the hottest, most exclusive underground sex party to New York City for the first time.

Billing itself as the “world’s network for the sexual elite,” Killing Kittens has held sex parties at houses and apartments in its home city of London, Ireland, and Los Angeles. On Saturday, women can pay $100 (or bring their significant other for $250) to enter the first-ever Big Apple edition, to be held at a rented loft in Flatiron, according to the New York Post.

The rules of the party are simple: everyone must don cocktail attire and a mask, and men must arrive at the party with at least one woman. While at the party, men are forbidden from approaching women. And not everyone gets in.

“They have to be 18 to 50. And we just ask for nice-looking people,” Sayle told the Post, explaining that potential members must submit a photo when applying. “It’s not a case of everyone being supermodel quality. It’s nice-looking people taking care of themselves… We have members who want a certain look and expect a certain standard, so that’s what we need to provide.”

For Killing Kittens, business is booming. Sayle told the paper that her company brought in $1 million last year, and boasts 43,000 online members who connect and date. 10,000 people have attended Killing Kittens parties in various cities. Sayle says 60 people have signed up for the New York party so far.

“Statistically, New York is in our favor for it to work,” Sayle told the Post, noting the 53-47 ratio of women to men in the city. “It might help with all the frustration of all those women who can’t find men. They can come and share the men!”

Sayle reportedly grew up in London and attended Birmingham University, with a concentration on sports science. She is married to double-Olympian field hockey player James Tindall, and the couple have a 5-month-old son.

She is also friends with Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, who reportedly joined Sayle’s charity rowing team, the Sisterhood, in 2007. Sayle told the Post that Middleton “knew all about Killing Kittens,” but was adamant that the royal was never a member of the club. “She thought it was funny. She was fascinated. Most girls are fascinated by it.”

Sayle also said she prefers not to call the get-togethers “sex parties.”

“It’s a place where females can try whatever they want to try,” she explained to the paper. “And if they want to get involved in couples, or want to try it with another girl or a group of girls… it’s about an experience.”

Sayle’s friend, Gweneth Romein, is reportedly flying in for the party from her home in Mississippi.

“I’ve been to parties where people fly from Sweden on private jets loaded up with their friends because they can’t play in their own country,” Romein told the Post. Romein said she has attended roughly 20 Killing Kittens parties and has even hosted one.

“When [my ex-boyfriend and I] hosted a party at our house [in London], we had a bed and there were these two gorgeous silver foxes and this black girl whose legs went to Tokyo, and she was just demanding everything from them,” Romein told the paper. “It’s complete carnage. It’s like a buffet.”