PETA ALERT! Chloe Sevigny Uses Lobster to Cover Vagina for Photo Shoot

Chloe Sivigny lobster

Actress Chloë Sevigny, who previously described Jennifer Lawrence as “annoying” and “crass,” has decided to demonstrate true refinement by posing nude in a magazine spread.

Well, not completely nude. But the only thing covering her private area, on the cover of the third issue of Marfa Journal, is a lobster.

The 40-year-old, who does have a history of psychedelic drug use, went deep sea fishing to add a little taste to this month’s edition of the magazine.

Sevigny is known for pushing boundaries, but New York photographer Brianna Capozzi, who captured the pic, reportedly only makes “images that ride the line between theatrics and banality.”

The semi-nude Sevigny can also be seen in the editorial dressed as a nun, with chains and a lock guarding her lady parts, and the words “Two Times a Virgin” placed beside her.

Marfa Journal is a bi-annual European publication, which takes pride in it’s focus on art, fashion, and the “hipster soul.”

Nailed it! that poor lobster…