Listen: Tracks from Ben Stiller’s High School Punk Rock Band

HS Yearbook/AP/Charles Sykes
HS Yearbook/AP/Charles Sykes
New York, NY

Before Ben Stiller was milking cats in Meet the Parents and shaming overweight children in Heavyweights, he was just another teenaged ne’er–do–well, looking to hit it big as the drummer of a punk rock band.

Stiller recently appeared as a guest on the Howard Stern’s SiriusXM satellite radio show, where he was confronted with tracks from his old music group, Capital Punishment. The group released its first and only album, Roadkill, in 1982, but disbanded shortly thereafter.

As a teen, the Dodgeball actor sat behind a drum set with friends to create this awesome… unique… interesting sound:

The tracks lived on, locked up somewhere in obscurity, just waiting to be released by the original label. They finally found airtime when the music company, Captured Tracks, decided to upload a few songs to YouTube last December.

According to Stiller, Captured Tracks is officially reissuing the album on vinyl.

Stiller described his former band as “ridiculously weird,” and laid most of the blame for the curious sound on his former bandmate. The successful comedic actor says the band never played a single show, but was once counseled by Kiss front man Gene Simmons.

He also seemed open to a reunion. Rock on, Ben!