Watch: Rock Band Depicts Wild Amish Teenagers for New Take on Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll


Canadian rock band Death from Above 1979 has released an eccentric new music video for its new song, called “Virgins,” which highlights the adolescent corruption of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

The video has an Amish theme and follows a group of teenagers as they enter into their exploratory years.

From ingesting mushrooms to head-banging to snorting ashes from a urn, these teenagers indulge in a world of apathy and wave their hands in the air like they just don’t care.

In one particular scene, things get weird when a blood-tipped banana is used to represent a sexual metaphor.

Then there’s a goat being milked while a girl licks people’s knees and eyeballs.

The finale shows a teenage boy being awakened from his slumber in the bed of a truck. As he sits up, the camera hones in on a penis drawing on his cheek.

Death from Above 1979 broke up in 2006, but will hit the road with Incubus and Deftones this coming summer, according to Rolling Stone.

Their tour begins on July 22 in Clarkston, Michigan and finishes up in San Diego, California on Aug. 30.

Virgins” is a track from the bands comeback album, entitled “The Physical World.”