Wheelchair-Bound Contestant Wins Treadmill on ‘Price is Right’ (Video)


Not again.

CBS game show The Price is Right made another embarrassing mistake on Tuesday’s episode by providing a treadmill as a prize to a wheelchair-bound contestant.

Danielle Perez had advanced through Contestant’s Row to the second game, called “1 Right Price.” When Perez guessed that the $3,600 price tag belonged on the sauna and not the treadmill, she won both prizes.

“I kept thinking that it was a really big joke,” Perez told CNN, adding that there was an awkward pause in the audience that was edited out of the show. “But there was no irony in their cheers or applause… Everyone at CBS seemed genuinely excited for me that I won.”

Perez, an L.A.-based comedian who has been in a wheelchair since 2004, took the incident in stride by posting an image of herself on the show captioned: “when you win a treadmill on national TV, but you have no feet.”

The incident marks the second embarrassing gaffe for The Price is Right in as many months. In April, model Manuela Arbelaez gifted a brand-new $22,000 car to a contestant by accident.