Watch: Robert Durst Recorded Urinating on Candy Display Inside Texas CVS Store

Houston, TX

Millionaire murder suspect Robert Durst was caught on a security camera exposing himself as he urinated on a candy display and cash register inside a Houston, TX CVS drug store in July 2014.

According to KHOU in Houston, the incident grabbed headlines in the city last year, and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office released a video of the act on Wednesday.

After picking up a prescription from the store’s pharmacy, Durst was caught on camera walking to the front counter. He then paid a female clerk before putting something into his backpack.

Durst then exposed himself to the woman, and according to witnesses, urinated all over a candy display and the cash register before exiting the store.

KHOU reports store employees that day told police there was no argument between Durst and anyone else inside the store prior to the incident, and he said nothing after it happened.

“He picked up his prescription, and he then exposes himself and pees all over the cash register and candy at the register and then walks out and walks down the street,” Houston police spokeswoman Jodi Silva told The New York Post last year.

Durst’s attorney Chip Lewis blamed the incident on a “medical mishap, plain and simple,” and said his client “had to go and he couldn’t hold it.”

The attorney explained his client had just been released from the hospital after undergoing two medical procedures, and was “embarrassed at the incident.”

While the incident only ruined a reported $100 in candy, Durst later paid a $500 fine and was forced to fork out more than $7,000 in damages to CVS.

Police arrested the real heavyweight in New Orleans in March, just hours before the final episode of an HBO miniseries about his alleged connections to three murders aired.

During the finale of HBO’s The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, the millionaire appeared to confess to the crimes while speaking to himself in a conversation that was recorded by a hot mic.

“There it is. You’re caught,” he said. “What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course.”

Durst has remained jailed since his arrest.