Video: George Clooney Vows to Support Hillary Clinton Any Way He Can


George Clooney has vowed to support Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign in “whatever way [he] can help.”

In a new interview with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos, the Oscar-winning actor explained why he stands with Hillary.

“I think she’s a tremendous candidate,” said Clooney. “I know her and I think the world of her. And I think I would be very happy if she were president.”

Ramos asked Clooney about a statement he made in 2008 in which he said Hillary was the most polarizing figure in American politics.

“She was a polarizing figure in American politics. Because at the time, I felt that there were as many people that would show up to vote against her because she was Hillary,” he continued. “There had been a lot of pieces brought up that were just brought up because they knew she was gonna run for president later.”

The Clinton campaign has a primary fundraising goal of $100 million. Clooney hosted a fundraiser for President Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012 and ultimately raised $10 million.

“I think she’s ready to be president,” said Clooney.

Watch: George Clooney Pledges to support Hillary any way he can