Watch: Injuries Reported as 80 Chorus Singers Plunge in Stage Collapse

Los Angeles, CA

Eight choir singers were injured during a performance Saturday afternoon in China after the stage they were standing on completely collapsed.

According to Chinese state television, there were a total of 80 performers rehearsing in Bijie City in Guizhou province when their stage gave way mid-song.

The injured singers were then rushed to the hospital.

The Telegraph reports the chorus was made up of local police officers who were rehearsing for a singing contest, which was a tribute to the “Chinese Dream”, which is the key political doctrine advanced by Xi Jinping since he became China’s leader in 2012.

While none of the singers are in grave danger, two of the eights individuals sustained “relatively severe” injuries, according to Xinhua, China’s official news outlet.

Guy Chun, the Bijie man local who captured the shocking video footage said the vocalists worked for the city’s Public Security Bureau.

Spectators can be heard in the audience shouting “Wow!” as the stage collapsed and the singers vanished.

Watch: stage of 80 choir singers collapses mid-song in China: