WATCH: Kanye Gets Censored for Full Minute and Booed to Close Out Billboard Awards

Las Vegas, NV

Kanye West’s May 17 Billboard Music Awards performance left many viewers wondering if their TVs were broken, but that was not the case.

The three-hour show inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV was broadcast on ABC, but the network seemingly opted to not take any chances with the eccentric music star’s closing set.

Sisters-in-law Kendall and Kylie Jenner, who were not well received by scores of show attendees, awkwardly introduced West. Audible booing was heard inside the show venue and on television as the duo set up the final music act, but things only got worse for reality TV’s first family.

Due to the amount of profane language, ABC censored out more than a full minute of West’s 5 minute and 18 second “All Day” set, which without a great deal of sound, was essentially nothing more than a hazy optical display of pyrotechnics.

To make matters worse, Kanye was also booed following the performance.

All the silence at home led many who had waited hours for Yeezy to ask a fair question: why bother with the performance in the first place?

With Kanye growing increasingly unpredictable at awards shows, starting with 2009 MTV Video Music Awards and most recently this year’s Beck stunt at the Grammy Awards, ABC looked to have its bases covered.

But still, the network green-lit the performance of a track that features well over two-dozen N-words, and West’s fans weren’t happy about not hearing it.

Viewers at home tweeted their mixed reaction the bungled show:

Maybe they should’ve just given the closing set to Beyoncé.