Miley Cyrus Cries as She Sings Tribute for Dead Pet BlowFish

Los Angeles, CA

The grieving process has inspired some of the most beautiful and tragic pieces of modern music, and artists have built entire careers around ballads of longing and loss.

Some of those artists, like John Mayer, Elvis Presley, and John Lennon have heavily influenced the music of Miley Cyrus, and like the aforementioned singers, the 22-year-old pop singer has now penned an emotional tribute song… only it is about her pet blowfish.

I hate goodbyes

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“Why did everything I loved have to die?” Cyrus emotionally belted over the weekend through a song for her fallen aquatic friend. The fish, aptly named Pablow, died months ago—something the singer is apparently still struggling with. Cyrus demonstrated the depths of her grief following Pablow’s passing on her Facebook page Monday, when she shared a video performance of a song written in the pet’s honor. Dressed as a unicorn, Miley sat at a keyboard to perform as part of her Backyard Sessions series for charity, but couldn’t navigate Pablow’s ballad without becoming emotional.

Watch the video here.

Read the full lyrics to Pablow’s song the below:

How can I love someone I’ve never touched

You lived under the water but I love you so much

You’ve never been on land and you’ve never seen the sky

You don’t know what a cloud is why did everything I loved have to die?

They all wanted to see you be as big as you could be

But I couldn’t let that be

Thought keeping you small meant keeping you safe

If I could do it again I’d release you to sea

Cause I can’t bear to see something so wild just die in a tank

And Pablow the Blowfish I miss you so much

And Pablow the Blowfish I miss you so bad

On Saturday night we all went out to eat

But I can never decide so someone chose sushi

I got soup and I ordered rice

But watching my friends eat my friend ruined my appetite

Oh Pablow the Blowfish if they only knew you like I do they’d love you too

And Pablow the Blowfish I miss you so bad

I won’t forget even one second we had

Cause you might be gone but you could never be dead

I heard of a seahorse named Sadie

I heard that she was quite the lady

Maybe you’ll find her and you could make babies

That would be kind of crazy

If Pablow the Blowfish found love deep in the sea

Then that would mean

Pablow the Blowfish was better off than here with me

Pablow the Blowfish I miss you so bad