‘I Need Your Help’: Video Plea from Actress Dying of Anorexia

Rachel Farrokh (Screenshot / YouTube)
Screenshot / YouTube

“I need your help, otherwise I don’t have a shot,” all 40 pounds of dying actress Rachel Farrokh’s 5’7″ frame pleaded as she feebly sat slumped on a couch and peered into the camera lens.

For 10 years now, Rachel, 37, has been suffering from an extreme case of anorexia that is so difficult to treat that she has been rejected from virtually every hospital. There is only one hospital that can save her, she says and it’s located across the country. Her chances “are very slim,” she says.

Rachel’s husband of 10 years, Rod Edmondson, said that before the disease took over her life, she was both beautiful and talented. “She was valedictorian, graduated summa cum laude. She’s a perfectionist,” he recently said in an interview with ABC News. Rachel was once a jovial actress. Now the dying woman barely has enough strength or support to move around her home in San Clemente.

Ro, 41,  has quit his job as a personal trainer to become her 24-hour caregiver. He said she’s already suffered multiple blood clots, as well heart, liver and kidney failure. Rachel’s steep and steady decline began when she lost her job 10 years ago and her difficulty in dealing with a painful memory from her past which she reportedly did not disclose. Anorexia nervosa is recognized as the most lethal psychological disorders and carries four times the death risk as depression.

The issue is that even if Rachel ingests more calories, it will have an adverse affect and cause her metabolism to amplify resulting in her to lose even more weight; weight her scrawny body cannot afford to lose.

Approximately 20 million women and 10 million men suffer from an eating disorder annually.

Rachel and her husband have created a GoFundMe page to help her raise money  has so far brought in a little over half of the $100,00 she will need to receive treatment that will save her life.

“If there’s anything you can do to save my life, please put this link that you see. And do anything you can. Anything will help,” she said with tears in her eyes.

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