Snoop Dogg: ‘No Regrets’ About Misogynist Lyrics


Snoop Dogg is a changed man.

In a recent interview, the rapper and former Girls Gone Wild “Doggy Style” host said his “attitude has changed towards women,” but that he does not regret what some, including Oprah Winfrey, have called the misogynist nature of his early songs’ lyrics.

“I am more sensitive and more vulnerable writing-wise and accepting a woman for being a beautiful person, as opposed to me saying she is a b***h or a w***e because that was how I was trained when I first started, so I have no regrets,” Snoop told Sky News.

“As I grew I fell in love with my wife and started to love my mother, my grandmother and my daughter,” the rapper continued. “I understood what a woman was and I started to write about and express that.”

Last week, Snoop endorsed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race, saying he “would love to see a woman in office because I feel like we’re at the stage of life to where we need a perspective other than the male’s train of thought.”

“And just to have a woman speaking from a global perspective as far as representing America, I’d love to see that,” Snoop told Bravo’s Andy Cohen.

Now that his attitudes toward women have changed, the “B****es Ain’t S***” rapper told Sky News he has “incorporated that in everything I was doing.”

“I don’t feel like you can be ashamed or mad about not knowing – if you don’t know, you don’t know,” Snoop said.