New ‘King’s Quest’ Game Lets Players Choose the Story

The Odd Gentlemen/Sierra Entertainment
The Odd Gentlemen/Sierra Entertainment

Sierra Entertainment is plotting a new iteration for its graphic adventure series King’s Quest, which has not had a new game since 1998.

In the upcoming release, players can impact both the legacy of the storyteller, old King Graham, as well as the choices of the listener, his granddaughter Gwendolyn.

The game’s creative director, Matt Korba, described King’s Quest as having “a similar story framing to the Princess Bride or the movie Big Fish.” He explained that “depending on the choices that you make in the game, [Gwendolyn will] listen to your advice and solve her problems in a different and unique way.”

In an opening dilemma, gamers must decide whether to save a chained dragon, fight it, or leave it to its fate. Commenting on such situations, Korba said, “We’re really trying to encourage the player to put their own feelings and emotions onto the characters of the game… There’s never any wrong choices.”

Looking over its more than three decades of existence, Korba described King’s Quest as going “from basically a text-based game to point and clicking, to places in the middle. We wanted to make the game that Ken and Roberta [Williams] would have made if they never stopped making games, and be inspired by the same things they were inspired by.”

The new King’s Quest has a voice cast starring Josh Keaton, Tom Kenny, Christopher Lloyd, and Zelda Williams.

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