Tom Hanks’ Son: ‘F*** Yall Hating Ass N***az’


Rapper Chester “Chet Haze” Hanks, son of Academy Award-winning actor Tom Hanks, took to Instagram this week to blast “hating ass n***az” for bringing him down.

“2 types of people in this world: those who know exactly what it is they want and are doing everything they can to get it; and those who just wander aimlessly through life because they are scared to death of failure,” Hanks captioned the photo. “I’ve lost a lot of so called friends cuz they turned out to be the second kind. F*** yall hating ass n***az I’ll never stop chasing my dream.”

Hanks felt some love from his Instagram followers, who wrote short messages of support like, “My man! Go 4 urs kid!!!!” and “100.”

But others questioned the young rapper’s use of language.

“You couldn’t have lived a more privileged life… get the f*** outta here,” wrote castro78. “Some people are too dumb for their own good. Your father is Tom F***ing Hanks!”

Haze made headlines in April when he got into a war of words with radio personality Howard Stern; after Haze called Stern a “dried up old c***,” Stern threatened to write to Hanks Sr. to ask him to pull his son’s allowance.

On Monday, Haze posted a short video of himself enjoying what appeared to be first class amenities aboard an New Zealand Air flight to Los Angeles:

Shout out New Zealand Air fuckin wit chall the long way

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The struggle is real, yo.