‘Party Down South’ Star: I Can’t Protect My Baby With A Gun That’s Locked Up

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Taylor “Lil Bit” Wright–formerly of Party Down South–says “haters” need to quit hating over the fact that she keeps a gun close at hand with which to protect her baby.

Wright’s comments come after she posted a Facebook pic of her baby on the floor while gun sat on a nightstand in the background.

According to TMZ, Wright is tired of all “the haters who think she’s crazy for keeping a gun near her newborn.” She said calls to lock the gun up are silly, as a locked gun is hard to use for self-defense. She also reminded everyone of her right to keep and bear arms.



Wright said, “By God I will unload on somebody if they break in and try to hurt me or my family.”

TMZ pointed out that “North Carolina law says it’s a misdemeanor to leave a gun any place an unsupervised minor could reach it.” However, they did not note that the baby is still too young to crawl, much less walk to the nightstand, and the baby is being supervised on top of that.

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