WATCH: Bill Maher Blasts ‘Conservatives Who Constantly Whine’ That Christianity is Under Attack in America

Bill Maher Reuters

Real Time host Bill Maher took aim at “conservatives who constantly whine” that Christianity is under attack in America during a segment on his HBO show Friday night.

During the “New Rules” segment of the show, Maher said that “conservatives who constantly whine that Christianity is under attack from liberals have to explain why there are over 300,000 churches in the U.S., but only 400 Whole Foods.”

“Clearly, your side is winning,” the talk-show host contended.

“I understand that Christians love to feel persecuted; it’s part of their origin story,” the famously atheist Maher continued. “But we’re a long way from them getting eaten by lions in the Coliseum.”

“This idea that everybody on the Left is plotting against Christianity and wants to wipe out religion is offensive… to me. Because I’m the only media figure with a show week in and week out that says that, and I’ll be damned if the credit’s gonna go to the entire Left when I’m doing all the heavy lifting,” Maher joked.

Earlier this year, Christian-owned pizza shop Memories Pizza was forced to close after being excoriated in the mainstream media when its owners said they would be forced to decline to cater a same-sex wedding because of their religious beliefs.

Check out the full segment on Real Time with Bill Maher above.