Conservative Comedian Evan Sayet Storms the Country on Comedy Tour

Warner Todd Huston / Breitbart News

Evan Sayet is proof once again that you can do funny standup comedy with conservative subject matter. But don’t expect that comedy to be quiet. Comedy is loud and Evan Sayet is as straightforward a conservative as you can get.

Last week, Sayet brought his unapologetic and straight-up conservative comedy to Chicago’s Laugh Factory and battled liberals and the Chicago Blackhawks’s first game of the Stanley Cup Final.

There are all sorts of sayings about comedy: Comedy ain’t pretty, comedy ain’t nice, comedy ain’t easy, and it’s tragedy plus time. In Sayet’s case, it’s all these plus an in-your-face slap to liberals that might make you squirm if you are in the aforementioned category.

Sayet makes no bones about how he feels about liberals. In fact, one of his themes is that the left just lies about everything. For instance, they say Bill Clinton was the “first black president” yet also say Condi Rice and Colin Powell “aren’t really black.” He goes on to insist that liberals are “just as wrong as wrong can be.”

He even notes that he purposefully calls himself a “conservative comic” because he’s tired of how liberals lie and he wants to be upfront with his audience.

Sayet notes that he wasn’t always a conservative and recounts how 9/11 woke him up from liberalism. He calls himself a 9/13 conservative because he realized the truth a few days after the Twin Towers fell and discovered his liberal friends saying that America “deserved” 9/11. He realized that liberals haven’t just been bad-mouthing America out of habit all his life; liberals really do hate America.

At one point, he lambasted the left for being so stupid with their constant attack on big businesses—like the oil and pharmaceutical industries—by claiming that all businesses are “evil, greedy and want to kill people.” Yet, on the other hand, liberals don’t attack Planned Parenthood, a billion-dollar company whose actual business model really is built on going around killing people!

Sayet’s standup style follows in the steps of the insult comic genre, but before you think that his comedy is of the extra angry sort, you’ll quickly find that, on the contrary, he is less with the mean-spirited slap and more with a the fun-loving jab. He also—at least in this smaller, more cozy venue—involved the audience, enlisting them to yell up to him and participate in the fun.

Sayet also focuses on Jews in America for a portion of his show, a community from which he hails and one he tries to explain to gentiles to hilarious effect.

Mixing philosophical conservatism with the jokes and ribbing of liberals, Sayet also has a serious side. Anyone who has seen his soliloquy on the “unified field theory of liberalism” knows that he has an insightful mind.

His standup is hilarious and is worth catching if you get the chance. But if you can’t get to a show, check out his work online. Many of his fine commentaries can be seen on his website as well as the ever-present YouTube.

He’s been called “brilliant” by three nationally syndicated talk show hosts: Rush Limbaugh, Dennis Prager, and Dennis Miller—the latter a famed comedian himself—and his work has been praised by journalist Michael Barone, columnist Ann Coulter, and activist David Horowitz.

Sayet has spoken at the Heritage Foundation, CPAC, many other rallies and conventions, and is the author of the book The Kindergarten of Eden, How The Modern Liberal ThinksHe was also a writer for HBO’s Politcally Incorrect with Bill Maher, a fact for which he will immediately apologize if the subject comes up.

Tickets are still available for his Boston show (June 10) and his New York show (June 14).

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