BFF: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Conor McGregor in Mutual Admiration Society

Schwarzenegger McGregor

The Terminator loves King Conor. And King Conor loves the Terminator right back.

Conor McGregor praised Arnold Schwarzenegger on the conference call for UFC 189 after the bodybuilder/actor/politician praised the Irishman during the promotional tour for Terminator Genisys.

“Conor is one of the greatest athletes probably of all times,” Schwarzenegger told , an Irish website that touts itself as “the greatest website known to mankind!” The star of Terminator Genisys later said of the mixed-martial artist, or himself, that “the only way you get noticed is to say outrageous things.”

McGregor surely didn’t find Schwarzenegger’s comments outrageous.

“Arnold is an absolute legend of a man,” McGregor said on the UFC 189 conference call Wednesday afternoon. “He came over to the United States buck naked and couldn’t even speak a lick of English.” McGregor opined that had Schwarzenegger been born in the United States instead of Austria he would be president.

McGregor, whom Schwarzenegger labeled a “fun guy” after hanging out with him a few weeks back at UFC 187, called it an “honor to hear those words from my friend Arnold.”

And those words sounded more true to life when the former governor of California discussed the current featherweight contender from Ireland’s legendary power of positive thinking.

“He has the right combination of the mind and the body—and the talent,” Schwarzenegger opines. “The two are connected so well with him, which I think is so important in athletics that you believe, 100 percent, in your victory. Because when you believe it, when you see it, believe it, achieve it. That’s the way it goes. He’s a great, great athlete.”