Ann Coulter Comes to Orange County


On Monday evening, Ann Coulter, author of Adios, America!, will be discussing her new book with interviewer Ben Shapiro of Breitbart News, as well as signing books, at the Anaheim Marriott in Garden Grove, California. Tickets are available here.

The evening, sponsored by Salem Los Angeles, will begin at 7:30 p.m.; check-in begins at 6:00 p.m.

Coulter has made headlines in recent weeks thanks not only to her newest New York Times bestseller, but because of her outspoken comments about what she charges are the Democrat-caused changing demographics of the United States, and the attendant criminality and economic underclass created by those demographics. And Coulter charges that the government and media have covered up this transformation in the constituency of the country in order to push their leftist agenda. In her new book, she writes:

Their game plan is: Never allow an honest debate on immigration. On every other important subject, both sides can be heard….Only in the case of immigration is the public systematically lied to from every major news outlet.

Coulter promises the unvarnished truth at Monday’s event.

Shapiro has already written about Coulter’s book:

Bearing nostrums like “diversity is our strength” and “through no fault of their own,” Democrats will browbeat Americans into accepting the demise of American values. The shock isn’t that millions of foreigners want to get into the United States — that’s always been true. The shock isn’t even that Democrats want to open the floodgates to unchecked, unscreened immigration — that’s been true for decades, given that the modern American left despises founding philosophy and the capitalist system more generally. The shock is that so many conservatives have capitulated, granted the left’s premise in the hopes that America’s new immigrants will resemble her old immigrants, even though the America that welcomes them has changed dramatically.

Coulter’s book tour has generated enormous controversy, especially in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s comments about illegal immigration across America’s Southern border. Coulter has defended Trump, calling his comments “magnificent”; Trump reportedly personally requested an advance copy of Coulter’s book before launching his presidential campaign.