Ariana Grande Finds Support through Donut-Licking Instagram Page

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A group of teens who call themselves the “Donut Squad” have jumped to defend Ariana Grande on Instagram by posting doughnut-licking selfies to an account, called “Lick_Donuts_With_Ari.

The page, which has more than three-thousand active followers since its first post about a week ago, asks fans to lick a pastry in solidarity with Grande, who was caught saying she “hates America” and “hates Americans” on a security camera while licking doughnuts last week in Lake Elsinore, California.

“If she licks we ALL LICK with her,” reads the Instagram page bio. “Ariana Grande loves America. She doesn’t hate America.”

While some of the teens can be seen licking actual doughnuts in the colorful images, other have posted selfies with doughnut emojis placed on their tongues.

The new page comes days after Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon also urged her followers to lick a doughnut in solidarity with Grande.

“Today, lick a doughnut in solidarity with @ArianaGrande. A sweet, talented, true American,” said Sarandon.

Grande has since apologized for the doughnut-licking escapade in both a written statement and Youtube video, and many of her fans have apparently decided to stand beside her through the storm.

Based off the comments on her last post to social media, though, others have not be so forgiving.