WATCH: ‘Hillary’ Makes Elementary Schooler with Tough Questions Disappear in New Comedy Clip


Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has had trouble fending off tough questions about her use of a private email server while serving as Secretary of State in the Obama administration.

But in a new comedy clip from civic engagement website SamePageNation, “Clinton” faces the same tough questions from elementary schooler “Kenneth,” and the results are similarly about as bad as could be expected.

In the clip, the wide-eyed youngster asks Clinton three questions:

“First, what happened to your emails?” Kenneth asks. “Isn’t it against the rules to have a private server when you’re the Secretary of State?”

“Second,” he continues, “isn’t it wrong to take money from other countries when you want to be the American president?”

Hillary’s “staffers” look increasingly nervous as the boy readies his final question.

“Third, what really happened in Benghazi?”

The candidate and the child stare each other down… and then the recess bell rings.

“Uh, oh, recess!” says a relieved Clinton. “Don’t have time to answer that.”

Clinton takes out her phone and begins texting: “Huma, what did you book me in to?”

When the class reconvenes after recess, Clinton opens up the classroom to more questions. “Kate” asks the same questions as Kenneth, but adds two more of her own:

“Fourth, why did the recess bell go off twenty minutes early? And fifth, what happened to Kenneth?”

A Secret Service man smiles as the camera pans to Kenneth’s empty seat.

In a post, SamePageNation’s Duane Lester explained the motivation behind the video.

“What this comes down to is transparency and accountability,” Lester writes. “National security should matter to every American and when the Secretary of State is running her emails out of a server housed in a bathroom closet, questions need to be answered.”

Lester said that “Kenneth” represents something more than just an elementary schooler.

“In reality, Kenneth exists,” he says. “We just know him as ‘the truth.'”

Watch the clip above, and ask yourself: #Where’sKenneth?