Bruce Jenner Wants to Meet a Guy Who Treats Him ‘Like a Normal Woman’

Los Angeles, CA

Despite a popular pro-LGBT narrative that gender is a mindset, as opposed to being a matter of a person’s physicality or biology, Bruce Jenner still feels confused about the dynamics of identifying as female.

During a preview for Sunday’s episode of “I Am Cait,” the 65-year-old former Olympian sits down for a discussion about what it means to be a “normal woman,” and expresses a desire to have his womanhood validated by a man.

“It would be very attractive to me to have a guy treat me like a woman,” Jenner tells fellow transwoman Jennifer Boylan.

“What does that mean?” the co-chair of GLAAD’s National Board of Directors asks.

Bruce replies, “That you would be treated like a normal woman… like any other woman on the street. And not make it this big trans thing or this or that just a normal relationship.”

Boylan, who was born James, promptly corrects Jenner’s rogue, unapproved tone, by reminding him, “You don’t need a man to make you a woman.”

“So you know what, Caitlyn Jenner? You are a normal woman, right now, today,” says Boylan. “You don’t need a man to make you a woman. A woman can make you a woman.”

The activist and “I Am Cait” co-star adds, “I think it’s a thing that women do, we look to men to give us self-worth… Now that you’re in the sisterhood, you have gone to such trouble to be a woman, don’t be a stupid one. Be a smart one.”

During an interview with Diane Sawyer in April of this year, Jenner, a father of six, was asked about his sexuality, but said there was “confusion” about where is attractions would lie following a gender transition.

“I am not gay. As far as I know, I am heterosexual. I’ve never been with a guy, I’ve always been married, raising kids,” said Bruce.

Sawyer pressed the reality TV star, asking, “If you’re assigned male and you become a female, but you like women, are you a lesbian?”

“You’re going back to the sex thing and it’s apples and oranges,” Bruce responded. “Sexuality is who you’re attracted to, but gender identity is about who you identify with.”

He added, “So much confusion.”