Victim’s Estate in Bruce Jenner Car Crash Hit with $18.5M Lawsuit

Rex Features via AP Images
Rex Features via AP Images
Los Angeles, CA

The estate of a woman who died in a February car accident involving Bruce Jenner is being sued for more than $18 million by the occupants of a car that was also involved, according to a report.

On February 7, Jenner was driving on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, when he rear-ended a car, forcing the vehicle into oncoming traffic where it was hit by a Hummer, according to UPI.

Eight people overall were involved in the incident, but the woman Jenner stuck, Kim Howe, died.

TheWrap obtained court papers filed in the suit this week and reports Howe’s estate has been hit with five claims by the passengers in the Hummer, all saying Howe was negligent and caused the incident.

The claims range from $500,000 to $7 million—and total $18.5 million.

Jenner was slapped with a suit by Howe’s stepchildren, who claim the former Olympic athlete was “careless and negligent” in the crash.

The suit alleges Jenner struck Howe and pushed her vehicle into oncoming traffic.

Moreover, the plaintiffs claim they now “suffer enormous damages and losses.”

Jenner is also being sued by another woman, Jessica Steindorff, whose Prius was involved in the collision, and the reality TV star could face manslaughter charges, according to the report.

The case has been referred to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, which has completed its investigation.