Discovery Life ‘Sex-A-Thon’ Schools Husbands on How to Please their Wives

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Married men, take note. There might be something you don’t know.

A man named Greg, who stars in Discovery Life Channel’s new special “How to Make Love to My Wife” has run into some trouble: he just found out he hasn’t given his wife, Kathy, an orgasm in 20 years.

His struggles to please Kathy have well been documented by the network, and in an exclusive clip, Greg embarks on a journey to an adult store to find an object that will give his wife an orgasm.

Once inside, Greg becomes overwhelmed by the surplus of colorful toys and gadgets during his shopping spree, and decides to purchase one of each so he can run them by Kathy the next morning over coffee.

“This one apparently is a big seller,” he says while showing them to Kathy. “You can use it as a clitoral vibe, or a g-spot stimulator, because apparently all women have a g-spot – if ‘science’ is to be believed.”

Although Discovery has decided to share the sexual content for its Labor Day weekend “Sex-A-Thon” starting Sept. 4, it can’t show viewers what the blurred-out toys actually look like.

“The hour follows the intrepid husband as he seeks out ways to expand his arsenal and spice up his love life,” said Discovery in a statement. “From sex toy tutorials to a crash course in understanding the female anatomy and even soliciting advice from unsuspecting female counterparts, Greg checks his ego at the door in an oftentimes humiliating – but always endearing – mission to please his wife.”

Those watching the “Sex-A-Thon” can also tune in to encore episodes of “Sex Sent Me to the ER,” “Secret Sex Lives: Swingers,” and “Untold Stories of the ER: Sex Editon.”

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