Devo Singer Apologizes For His 9/11-Themed Wedding Reception, Says He Was ‘Set Up’

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Los Angeles, CA

Devo singer Jerry Casale has come forward to claim his 9/11-themed wedding reception was all a “set up.”

Casale sparked public outrage Monday after TMZ released photos of his Friday, Sept. 11 wedding nuptials in Santa Monica, California, which showed a Twin Towers cake and box cutter knives as party favors.

The musician now offers his “deep apologies for all offended” by his wedding photos.

“This is a real explanation and it’s not what you think,” Casale wrote on Twitter. “Surprise cake and pix to TMZ was a set up. TBC…”

Casale elaborated on his alleged set up to Billboard, saying he got married on Sept. 11 because his marriage application was about to expire, and that the Beverly Hills courthouse is only open on Fridays.

Additionally, Casale alleges a friend showed up to his reception with the Twin Towers cake as a “surprise” based on an inside joke with his wife, 26-year-old Krista Napp.

“I joked and said Krista and I are like the twin towers of love and love conquers all and were going to resurrect those towers,” said Casale.

All of the wedding guests ate the cake, according to Casale, which he accepted without argument because “You don’t want to ruin the whole night by overreacting.”

The place settings, which featured box cutters engraved with “Gerald & Krista,” were also at dinner, and Casale said “that was pretty nasty…we thought that was the end of the reference.”

But to his dismay, they moved to the back room to see there was more, he says.

“He thought it was some sort of transgressive sick humor, and the problem is, it’s not funny,” said Casale of the friend who allegedly planned the tasteless theme.

The musician now says the media attention he’s received has “ruined our wedding,” and he’s troubled that one of his guests potentially sold the photos to TMZ.

“OK, that’s bad taste,” he said. “But who would have thought that somebody goes and sells shots to TMZ?”