Comedy Central’s ‘@Midnight’ Depicts Bernie Sanders as Bumbling ‘Socialist for Social Media’

Los Angeles, CA

If Sen. Bernie Sanders were to go on to win the Democratic Party’s nomination next year, and ultimately the presidency, the socialist candidate would be 75-years-old at the time of his inauguration, a fact that was not lost on Comedy Central’s @Midnight on Wednesday.

Host Chris Hardwick invited a fictional Bernie Sanders (played by comedian James Adomian) to participate in the program’s panel game show, and portrayed the Vermont Senator as a bumbling mess of a man, while also mocking his age, views, and fundamental misunderstanding of technology and social media.

Sanders has been gaining on frontrunner Hillary Clinton in key battle ground states, and touting his support with young voters along the way.

While evening news anchors have largely ignored the candidate’s affiliation with socialism, Wednesday’s @Midnight did not.

So why would a faux Bernie Sanders appear on a show like Hardwick’s? According to Bernie, “There’s not a lot of television shows that offer me airtime, so I just said ‘yes,’ ya know? …If I have to make some penis jokes about Instagram dogs, then I’ll do it to get the message across.”

“I’m here to connect to younger people, ya know, and for me, thats everybody here in the room,” said faux Sanders, who also described the Bill of Rights as a a “rambling, terrorist manifesto.”

He then noted he would share his points with the audience, while also complaining, “it’s very important to point out that over 50 percent of the points on this show go to the upper 1 percent of comedians who come on this program.”

Hardwick then introduced a new slogan for Sanders, who stated he “grew a socialist media vine.”

“I am a committed user of social media such as Facebook, I am on Amazon, not Prime, regular Amazon. The american people deserve not a Myspace, but an OUR space. Im on Weibo, the Chinese Twitter, don’t ask,” he said in an ad titled, Bernie Sanders, a “Socialist for Social Media.”

Showcasing a large collection of books, Sanders says, “WIKI-pedia, but I printed it out.”

You can watch an in-depth clip of faux Sanders’ social media ad above. To watch Wednesday’s @Midnight in its entirety, click here.

Hardwick also had some fun with “totally real Bernie Sanders” before the taping of the Wednesday’s show: