WATCH: Amy Schumer Joins Madonna on Stage to Launch World Tour


Comedian Amy Schumer is one “unapologetic bitch.”

The Trainwreck star took center stage at a Madonna concert Wednesday night in New York, where she received the prestigious award as “The Unapologetic Bitch of the Evening.”

“Every night, we have a prize for the unapologetic bitch of the evening,” said Madonna. “Actually, we’re gonna give you two prizes because you’ve been so good.”

Madonna then handed Schumer a “sock bitch” and a banana, while telling the audience “there are so many things you can do with a banana.”

Love You Amy! Bitch You ARE IN My gang! Thank. You!! ❤️#rebelhearttour

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“So you got a bitch, and you got a sock, and you’re going straight to hell,” said the singer.

Schumer proceeds to stick the banana up her dress, leaving things to the imagination, and disappears into the unknown.

Vanity fair reports Schumer also performed a stand up set and addressed the notion that it’s an exciting time for women in Hollywood.

In Hollywood, why would it be exciting? In an industry that judges you solely based on your appearance when you know that every day you’re just decomposing, barreling toward death while smaller, younger starlets are popping out and you know you’re just six months away from having to wear a long white button-down and trying to f*ck Michael Douglas at a Thanksgiving party? No. It’s not an exciting time for women in Hollywood. Are you serious?

Despite the award for being “unapologetic,” Schumer actually issued an apology in July for part of her routine, in which she made politically incorrect jokes about rape and Hispanic men.

Watch: Amy Schumer performs with Madonna