U2 Cancels Concert After Off-Duty Cop Allegedly Enters Venue with Gun

Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP
Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP

On September 20, U2 canceled a concert in Stockholm after reports that an off-duty officer made it through security with a gun on his person.

Off-duty police officers in Sweden “aren’t allowed to carry their weapons under normal circumstances.”

According to the Associated Press, police “declined to comment on Swedish media reports suggesting the incident was triggered by an off-duty police officer wrongly being allowed to enter the venue with a gun.” Rather, they would only say someone “wasn’t properly searched” at the venue.

But police spokesman Kjell Lindgren did say, “There are reports that it may have been a police officer.” A search of the arena after-the-fact turned up no weapon and no arrests were made.

“Thousands” of U2 concertgoers, who had already made their way into the venue, were evacuated after news of the security breach, and the concert was rescheduled for September 22.

U2 concert promoters apologized for any “inconvenience caused” by the cancellation and “[thanked] the audience for their understanding.” Promoters stressed that the safety of concertgoers “is the priority.”

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