Another Hollywood Mega-Donor Endorses Joe Biden

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Los Angeles, CA

Calls for an alternative to Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton among Hollywood’s political class are growing louder, as yet another prominent fundraiser announced this week he is ready to stand behind Vice President Joe Biden, should he decide to enter the race.

During a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday, United Talented Agency managing partner Jay Sures said he hopes Biden seeks the presidency for a third time in 2016.

“Biden is incredible,” said Sures. “He’s a guy who has been in public service for 40-some years, who really understands what the average American is going through.”

Sures joins major Los Angeles donor Howie Mandel, (not the TV star), and numerous other anonymous Hollywood bundlers, who have spoken out in recent months to express support for Biden, who is still mulling whether or not to challenge Hillary for the party’s nomination.

The vice president is still mourning the loss of his son, Beau Biden, who died of brain cancer in May.

Biden has been vocal about the loss of Beau, and has said he isn’t sure if he has the emotional energy to join the race.

Following the loss of Beau, Sures said Biden “has a message of hopefulness,” and added, “I would get front-and-center behind him if he decides to run.”

Sures told THR that Biden’s entrance into the race would strengthen the eventual nominee, whoever that might be.

“There are some people who love Secretary Clinton and think she’s amazing,” he said.

Sures added, “there is a very large group of people who want there to be a real debate on the Democratic side. At the very least, the two of these people running against each other will make the nominee a better candidate.”

The UTA partner’s comments echo those of other donors, including Howie Mandel, who said in August he was impressed with the generosity of donors supporting Biden.

Mandel said a “lot of people in Hollywood are not happy with what’s been going on,” regarding numerous scandals surrounding Hillary’s campaign.

“They don’t want to see a coronation,” he said.

George Clooney is reportedly one of a number of Hollywood Democrats said to be still undecided.