Watch: Immigration Activist Hilariously Fails at Protesting Trump with Mexican Flowers

New York, NY

A woman attempting to troll GOP frontrunner Donald Trump with a gigantic batch of yellow dahlias, the national flower of Mexico, is now a candidate for the greatest protest-fail of all time.

Estefani Mercedes was carrying one thousand flowers, each of them containing a handwritten note from a Hispanic migrant, when she tried to navigate her way into Trump Tower in New York City on Monday, TMZ reports.

Mercades, who couldn’t see in front of her, was trying to deliver them to the business magnate, when a TMZ camera crew captured her struggles.

Estafani keeps moving after she drops a number of the dahlias on her approach, but the building’s revolving door poses too great an obstacle to overcome.

After several awkward moments of her hilariously trying to pick them all up, and stepping on many of them, building security finally answers her calls for help by placing the flowers in a trash bag and taking them away.

Mercades is given just a single dahlia to remember the event by, courtesy of a Trump Tower security guard.

Watch the video above.