Jaden Smith’s Alleged Thief Girlfriend Wears T-Shirt of Her Own Mugshot After Court Appearance


Will Smith’s teenage son, Jaden, has a new girlfriend, and boy, is she classy.

Sarah Synder, 19, was arrested in June and charged with felony Grand Larceny for allegedly stealing a $16,000 handbag from an unnamed department store in Bedford, New York, according to a report.

Bedford police said Snyder’s arrest was the “result of an extensive, four-month long investigation.”

The teen went to court over the matter this week, and reportedly has no plans to accept any offers or pleas from the district attorney.

“The only thing we are interested in is an exoneration and an apology,” said Snyder’s lawyer, Robert Schuster.

The day after appearing before a judge, Snyder posted a photo to Instagram, in which she can be seen wearing a T-shirt with her own mugshot on it.

Snyder is clearly taking her criminal charges very seriously.

Check it out below:

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