Watch: Miley Cyrus Cries While Singing Tribute to Dead Dog on SNL


While hosting Saturday Night Live for the season premiere over the weekend, Miley Cyrus shared a side of her many in the media are perceiving as her most provocative: genuineness.

After all, being naked, stoned, and sticking your tongue out is only shocking so many times.

Also acting as the show’s musical guest, for her second performance of the night, Cyrus sat at a grand piano, which had a photo of her deceased dog, Floyd, placed on top, and played her new single, The Twinkle Song, off her new album Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz.

Watch the video:

“I had a dream, you took karate. That’s when you said you loved me. You loved me. What does it mean? What does it mean?” the pop star belted about the animal.

Cyrus was dressed in a long, blond wig covered in blossoms, and had broken out in tears and loud screams by the end of the performance.

The New York Post described Miley as “vulnerable,” writing, “The 22-year-old delivered a solo version of “The Twinkle Song” – a fragile ode to her actual deceased pets… The emotional weight of the track led Cyrus to let out ear-shredding howls before breaking into loud sobs.”

“Dear Floyd, thank you for sharing this magical moment with mommy,” Cyrus wrote on Instagram after the performance. “I missssssssss yiewwwwww.”