Jim Carrey’s Girlfriend Previously Attempted Suicide

Los Angeles, CA

Jim Carrey’s former girlfriend reportedly attempted suicide in 2012, the year she met the much older comedian, and took her own life just days after her mother called her a “failure” on her birthday, according to TMZ.

Cathriona White turned 30 on Sept. 19, and died on Sept. 28 of a suspected suicide.

She was found lifeless and in possession of three different prescriptions that were written for Carrey, 53, under an alias. White had also reportedly written several notes, one of which was addressed to the actor, who she had dated off and on for three years.

Sources close to the makeup artist and Scientologist told TMZ Wednesday she received a message from her estranged mother on her birthday calling her a “failure.”

The sources also said White’s father passed away from a long battle with brain cancer on Sept. 28, 2012, which was three years to the day before her suicide.

She had reportedly attempted to take her own life following his death.

The Los Angeles Medical Examiner’s office is awaiting the results of a toxicology report to officially determine what killed her, which should take somewhere between eight and ten weeks.

White’s body was discovered in close proximity to numerous drugs, including the sleep aid Ambien, the painkiller Percocet and the blood pressure drug Propranolol, all of which belonged to Carrey, who was unaware they were missing from his home.

Carrey has been in close contact with White’s family since her passing, and will be attending her funeral in her native country of Ireland next week, according to The Daily Mail.

The actor and comedian has also pledged his financial support to help with her final expenses.

Meanwhile, it was reported Tuesday that White was married at the time of her death, which is news that reportedly surprised many inside her inner circle.

The Daily Mail reports White married White married Mark Burton, a cameraman she met in Los Angeles, in 2014.

White left Burton, 51, to go back to Carrey, but the couple had not yet filed for divorce.

Burton was listed as the woman’s next of kin, and has reportedly been cooperative in helping to release her body to members of her family.

White was said to be suffering from depression, and was active with the Church of Scientology.

Carrey was said to be unsupportive of her relationship with the controversial group.