Transgender Activist Starts Campaign to Free the Nipples of Men Undergoing Hormone Treatment

Los Angeles, CA

Born male, a transgender activist currently undergoing hormone treatment has started an Internet campaign to combat breast censorship, in hopes he can display his breasts online once they develop.

In a new essay published on Mashable, transwoman Courtney Demone, who is in early stages of gender reassignment, asks at which point in his breast development he will he have to cover his nipples.

“I already feel shameful about them being visible, but at what point does society say it’s unacceptable for them to be out?” Demone wrote. “In the coming months, I’ll be posting topless photos of myself on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms using the hashtag #DoIHaveBoobsNow until those networks decide that my breasts have developed enough to be sexualized and worthy of censorship.”

With the tag #FreeAllBodies, which follows the same general narrative as the #FreeTheNipple campaign championed by Miley Cyrus and other stars, Demone says he wants to help fight a stigma against breasts, however the nipple campaign has not been inclusive enough.

Demone says #FreeTheNipple has “failed to show the diverse ways in which people with differing bodies are sexualized, fetishized, exoticized and shamed.” “It has also failed to recognize that baring her nipples doesn’t mean freedom for every woman,” he said. “To further explore those ideas and examine these same issues through the experiences of people with different bodies, #FreeTheNipple needs to be pushed beyond narrow definitions of femininity.”


Gonna go vote! Though maybe I should put a top on first…. #DoIHaveBoobsNow #FreeAllBodies #FreeTheNipple #GirlsLikeUs


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