You Can’t Unwatch Bernie Sanders Dancing on ‘Ellen’

Los Angeles, CA

Apparently dancing in front of Ellen DeGeneres’s daytime studio audience has became a rite of passage for Democratic presidential candidates (and their spouses).

Just ask Sen. Bernie Sanders, who felt compelled to shimmy out of the green room and onto Ellen’s sofa chair Thursday to the tune of the 1976 disco hit “Disco Inferno.”

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton sought to demonstrate her youth and vibrance in September, when she cut a rug on the program.

Lest we forget First Lady Michelle Obama’s funky visit:

Or Preisdent Obama’s:

Sanders, 74-years-old and fresh off an innocuous performance in Tuesday night’s first Democratic presidential debate, sat down with the host to discuss income inequality, Wall Street greed, his appearance, and whether or not he’s ever worn handcuffs.

“Have you ever been in handcuffs?” DeGeneres pressed.

“I take it to mean: was I ever arrested by the police?” said Sanders.

”Well, no, not necessarily,” the host replied.

“When I was young, yes, I was involved in a civil rights demonstration, and I was arrested,” Bernie said.

For anyone doubting Sanders is an exciting guy after that dance routine, the Senator told Ellen when he was a child, his dream was to grow up and become a social worker.

Sanders also blamed the Republican Party for wanting to cut nutrition programs for “pregnant” women and “little babies.”

Watch the interview in full below: