Watch: ‘American Horror Story’ Features Interracial Lesbian Sex Scene with Lady Gaga


There’s nothing like a lesbian sex scene to leave TV viewers hungry for more, at least that was the case for FX’s American Horror Story: Hotel this week.

The Wrap reports AHS added a steamy sex scene to its latest episode, featuring Lady Gaga and Angela Bassett, which aired Wednesday and apparently set social media on fire.

Here’s a preview:

“Just when you thought ‘AHS’ was getting boring, a gay kissing scene and Lady Gaga show up to lure you back,” said one Twitter user.

“110% would not mind being in an Angela Bassett/Lady Gaga sandwich,” said another.

“I’m not even gay but Angela Bassett & Lady Gaga are some bad bitches,” wrote one female social media user.

AHS, which first aired in 2011, is known for being incredibly raunchy and controversial at times.

The series set people off during its first season, after it featured a realistic high school shooting in a scene, in which a young man took a shotgun into a school library and murdered 15 students.

Past episodes have also featured rapes, dismembered babies, back alley abortions, and suicides.

For the latest controversial episode, Bassett says she really enjoyed kissing Lady Gaga.

The first day, the first scene, we were clinched in an embrace,” Bassett told The Wrap. “I’m having a great time kissing on her.”

The “Born This Way” singer has not disclosed her thoughts on the scene.

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