Gun Control Filmmakers Offer Free Admission to ‘Card Carrying’ NRA Members

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When the pro-gun control film “Armor of Light” opens on October 30, it will do so with the caveat that “card-carrying” members of the NRA get in free.

Breitbart News previously reported that the driving force behind the film is Faith and Action’s Reverend Bob Schenck, who believes Christians ought to focus on loving their enemies instead of buying guns with which to shoot them if they attack.

Following the heinous attack on unarmed people in a gun free zone at Umpqua Community College–an attack in which the gunman asked people to state their religion before he shot them–Tennessee’s Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey (R) urged Christians to get a concealed carry permit and arm themselves for self-defense. During an October 14 CNN appearance Rev. Schenck recoiled from Ramsey’s suggestion, saying:

There is a little bit of problem with [Lt. Gov. Ramsey’s call] because Jesus himself said we are to love our enemies and to do good to them. That brings into question any time you put a firearm on your body or you carry it for defensive purposes, you’re prepared to kill. So any time a Christian considers killing someone, whether it appears justified or not, it is a moral crisis.

I disagree with the Lt. Governor…I think it was bad moral advice for Christians.

Schenck believes the idea of carrying a gun for self-defense runs counter to a biblical, pro-life ethic, and he has been working with Abigail Disney to make a film about it. On CNN Schenck and Disney both claimed to have no political or legislative agenda in opposing the idea of Christian’s being armed for self-defense. But Disney did admit how refreshing it was to hear Democrat candidates boast of being at odds with the NRA during the October 13 Democrat debate.

Moreover, The Guardian reports that Bristol Palin watched the film for the purposes of reviewing it and said it is literally driven by politics. Palin observed,

 You would think — based on the noise around the film — that this film includes some courageous spiritual and moral guidance on guns. Though the pastor says repeatedly that he isn’t trying to have a ‘political conversation’ but a theological one, he never, ever, ever looks to the Bible (which DOES speak to this issue). Instead, he only looks to politicians and political issues … he conveniently skips the Bible passages that talk about being armed and protecting one’s family.

So the filmmakers are marketing the film in a way to try to get pro-Second Amendment Americans to watch it. According to Deadline, “Plans are underway right now to be able to make the movie free to card-carrying members of the NRA in 10 of its playdates for its entire opening weekend.”

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