Kim Kardashian Rocks L.A. With Maternity Looks

Kardashian LACMA BW (Mike Windle / Getty)
Mike Windle / Getty

As much criticism as there is of the Kardashian clan these days, Kim Kardashian has done something immensely positive for society by flaunting her pregnancy, most recently in a form-fitting lace Givenchy bodysuit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

Frivolous and narcissistic–sure. But Kardashian and her supportive husband Kanye West are sending a positive signal to fans that motherhood can be both attractive and exciting.

The LACMA gala was hardly the first time Kardashian has paired high fashion with a baby bump. She wore a white dress at the InStyle Awards; a sleek black gown at a Cosmopolitan fête; a breathtaking lace gown at New York Fashion Week; and a gold halter top at the family app launch.



There are six more weeks of maternity fashion to go, with the Kardashian-West baby’s reported due date December 25. It is easy, in conservative circles, to mock the Kardashians–especially given the difficult lives the Kardashian men seem to be enduring, with Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn and Lamar Odom’s terrible struggle with drugs and apparent depression. But the Kardashian-West relationship is one area of apparent strength, at least for now.

Conservatives have so few pop culture victories to celebrate that it is worth highlighting the few occasions on which Hollywood tilts, even inadvertently, in our direction.

Kardashian’s exuberant pregnancy–in wedlock, no less–is a chance to remind ourselves that the values that have kept our civilization going still have a chance. And if we learn how to celebrate those values and integrate them into what excites us, there is still hope for our future.