‘Family Guy’ Imagines ‘Cosby Show’ Opening Credits ‘Knowing What We Know Now’


Seth MacFarlane took a shot at one of his favorite targets during Sunday night’s episode of Family Guy when the gang tuned in to watch an “updated” version of the Cosby Show.

During the episode, the whole gang gathers around the television to check out the Cosby Show, “knowing what we know now.”

The spoof credits feature Cosby doing his signature jig while the rest of the cast amble around in a drugged stupor: Phylicia Rashad, Lisa Bonet and Tempestt Bledose are all passed out in chairs, while Bea Arthur stumbles around with no pants on. Finally, the NBC peacock wobbles forward and falls on its face, spilling its drink.

“Wow, I was so busy not seeing color, I didn’t see the raping either,” jokes Peter.

Family Guy has taken numerous shots at Cosby over the years, well before dozens of women came forward with sexual assault allegations against the comedian. Check out more Family Guy roasting of Cosby below: