Singer Macy Gray Updates Holiday Classic: ‘All I Want for Christmas’ Is No Trump, Gun Control, Free Healthcare, Legal Pot

Anthony Pidgeon/Redferns via Getty Images
Anthony Pidgeon/Redferns via Getty Images

Macy Gray is out with an updated version of  “All I Want for Christmas” just in time for the holiday season—but the singer’s Christmas wish list may be too much for Santa to handle.

In the new song released this week, the Grammy-winning “I Try” singer takes a shot at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and defends President Obama’s record in office, while calling for the legalization of marijuana, free health care, gun control, and increased attention to climate change.

“All I want for Christmas is a whole buncha stuff/But anything that you can buy me won’t be enough,” Gray sings. “Cuz everything I’m hoping for is intangible/Like free health care and gun control.”

In the accompanying lyric video, a cartoon Gray ambles through a colorful winter wonderland as she implores Santa Claus to “swing more love” and “save the world.”

“All I want for Christmas is to have a chance/So please take care of the environment,” a children’s chorus sings.

“Take Mr. Gore more seriously/And do what you can to stop global warming,” Gray adds.

“No matter what they say, Barack, you did real good/I hope that your successor does the things he or she should. That Mr. Trump, he’s an entertaining guy/But let’s face it, really is he qualified?”

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Gray said her new song is about much more than just spreading Christmas cheer.

“This song is about saving the world and there’s a lot of people leaning in [Trump’s] direction, and I just want them to think about that before they vote,” Gray told the outlet. “You might find Trump entertaining, and it’s seductive when you can’t wait to hear someone share their way-out-of-the-box ideas, but you’ve got to work your way up. You at least have to be a mayor or something!”

“He knows how to work the media, but I don’t think that will make him a good president,” Gray added of Trump. “I’m a fan of immigration. I understand that there has to be harsher screening considering everything that’s going on, but Trump is talking about doing things like building walls, and that’s such an ancient idea.”

This isn’t Gray’s first foray into holiday songs; the singer released a cover of “This Christmas” in 2001.

Check out Macy Gray’s version of “All I Want for Christmas” above.