Will Smith: Trump’s ‘Crazy’ Immigration Comments Might Force Me to Run for President

Los Angeles, CA

Actor Will Smith said during a Sunday interview that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s “crazy” national security comments may force him to launch his own presidential campaign.

Appearing on CBS Sunday Morning, the Concussion star was discussing his upcoming film and looking back on his storied career with network correspondent Tracy Smith.

After the actor was asked about his plans for the future, he noted, “There is a contribution to the world inside of me that I can’t reach.”

He elaborated: “If people keep saying all the crazy kinds of stuff they’ve been saying on the news lately about walls and Muslims, they’re going to force me into the political arena.”

After Smith was asked to clarify which office he’d seek, he said, “I mean, I gotta be the president.”

“Come on! How you gonna ask me that?” he added. “What else would I run for?”

Smith was referring to Trump, who has proposed building a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico, and said a week ago the U.S. should consider a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, following terror attacks in Paris and California.

Smith also told CBS he instructs his children to be “as unrealistic as possible, and then figure out how to make it real.”

“The best things that have ever happened, ever, were unrealistic before they happened. So for me, I think being the biggest movie star in the world as a goal actually was too small!” he said.

In other news, the actor’s 17-year-old son, Jaden Smith, is reportedly working to become a modern philosopher.

A person close to the teen recently told Us Weekly magazine, “Jaden sees himself as a modern-day prophet and is working on a collection of essays.”

The insider added: “Jaden thinks he has spiritual ties to people in other dimensions and galaxies, and they are helping him write.”